Make use of the value and pass on to the next generation

SASHOU has been a family- run metal work atelier since 1920,handed down for three generations. Our craft technique has been designated as “Intangible Cultural Properties” in Koto ward, Tokyo.

We offer jewelry repair, re-modeling and engagement and wedding rings. of  personalized jewelrydesig. We can also offer jewelry which uses rare stones and pearls. Our work has been depend on costomers’ request and history. Our philosophy is “maximize the value of material”, and  “connect generations and memories”. Please free to contact for further details.


The spirit of craftsman which is able to include elements of their unique story within their bespoke jewelry has been handed down from grandfather, to father, and to son.

We have done all kinds of metal work to meet our customer’s requests. “his or her story”,“Special charm” etc. None of requests could be the same. We melt or polish old jewelry to make new jewelry shine again. Please contact us if you have any inquiry.


We are good at remodeling that makes use of your jewelry. We would like to use the essence of the original pieces as inspiration for something new. There is the right time to repair when and which craftsman does. We can revive include elements of customer’s unique story within their jewelry.


You can bespeak jewelry according to your budget, materials and preferences. Please feel free to ask any materials from silver to high jewelry. We can also make crown for stage performance or tiara for wedding.


One and only ring will be inspired by each customer's own personal story. You will get nice ring according to material, diamond, birthstone, design, allergy, compatibility, fitness, engraved word inside the ring, budget.