Vegetable - Pad series

Jewelry where playfulness is hiding in a simple design. If you look closely, it is a section of lotus root and okra. Looking closer, neither is a small meat ball hidden in the middle. "Vegetable _ Pad" means this vegetable and meat ball. What I have done is the third generation of an authentic school jewelry factory which has a wide range of high technology, from hard metal to melting gold and platinum to metal ingot, engraving and metal. He is also active as a stage jewelry creator who also produces tiareas and the like used in the stage. From the thought that I would like to enjoy traditional crafts more easily and with ease, I created this fun filled jewelry. It is a unique motif, but since ancient times it has been popular as an auspicious vegetable such as "I can see the front" and "Okura" "tenacious." Simple design, a wide range of scenes to acquire the age group. Pin brooch and piercing for each of the two vegetables, gold and silver are available in color.

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